November and December Pictures.

The end of the year was a whirlwind blur.
Raymond arrived on the 25th and Dave ended up having the rest of November and most of December off.
All the grandparents came to visit and Dave's brother and his family visited for Thanksgiving
and were greeted by a brand new Ray.

November 25 - Just an hour after birth with his faced still bruised up from the fast delivery.

November 26 - Meeting sister Thelma for the first time.

November 26 - Thelma giving a nice kiss.

November 27 - Taking a break from it all.

November 28 - What a cute face.

November 28 - Mmmmm...fingers!

November 28 - Another cute face shot.

November 28 - Napping on Grandma Dot's shoulder.

November 29 - With my sister at home.

November 30 - Taking a nap on Mommy.

November 30 - Baby closeup.

December 1 - The boys napping on the couch.

December 5 - Bathtime.

December 7 - Getting to know Thelma on the Ottoman.

December 8 - Grandma Sylvia makes a comfy bed.

December 8 - The dynamic trio.

December 11 - Resting on Grandma Sylvia's legs.

December 13 - "Ray-monster" trying to get out.

December 14 - Sometimes I really don't like the carseat.

December 17 - Taking a nap on Daddy.

December 19 - On the mat in my red outfit.

December 24 - Raise the roof.

December 24 - Thelma moving in to commence harassment.

December 24 - Completely content in my swing.

December 24 - Thelma giving me a kiss.

December 26 - Sitting with Mommy on the North Pole Express.

December 29 - Doing a little Archer Pose.

December 29 - Playing with Thelma on the floor.