December Pictures.

With Daddy only two months into his deployment, Grandma Sylvia came to Groton to visit for Thelma's birthday.
December included a trip to the zoo and a train ride with a Christmas show. There were also presents galore
and playing in the snow and on a frozen lake!

December 4 - In the stroller at the zoo.

December 5 - Riding the Rody Pony at Thelma's birthday party.

December 5 - Enjoying some of Thelma's birthday cake.

December 6 - Digging through the blocks in the kitchen.

December 8 - Enjoying a cookie on the North Pole Express train.

December 16 - Changing my viewpoint about breakfast.

December 17 - Intense concentration leads to drool.

December 18 - Watching Thelma unwrap a present.

December 20 - Playing with a stacker.

December 20 - Stuck in the snow.

December 20 - Much happier in the garage.

December 20 - With Thelma and Mommy bundled up in the snow.

December 21 - Giving myself kisses in the oven.

December 24 - Envisioning opening presents the next morning.

December 24 - Who's that cute kid in the TV?

December 25 - Obligatory tree picture.

December 25 - Riding a sled with Thelma across a frozen lake.

December 27 - Normal meal mess.

December 28 - Sliding the stool around the house.

December 29 - Riding my scooter in the basement.