January Pictures.

Starting off the new year with Dave going out to sea and Shala having to quickly get used to dealing with two. Thank goodness for Thelma having a pretty solid schedule. Here are some pics of Ray in the first month of 2009.

January 4 - Greeting the new year with a big kiss from Thelma.

January 4 - Sometimes you just want to lay on the floor and chill.

January 6 - I wasn't kidding about the floor thing.

January 8 - Fast asleep in Mommy's arms.

January 9 - I like to call this my floor dance party.

January 9 - Screaming out my little window to the world...sometimes I really don't like my carseat.

January 11 - Fast asleep in my swing.

January 12 - The mobile above my swing is enthralling.

January 16 - I do more than sleep and sit in the swing. See how well I can get up on my Boppy.

January 16 - Contemplative on my Boppy.

January 21 - With Mommy and Thelma at playgroup.

January 21 - Mommy all to myself.

January 22 - They put me in the carseat again!!!

January 23 - Another great Boppy shot.

January 27 - Thelma pulling my arm.

January 27 - Like Thelma, I love a good bath (ed. I hope he stays this way).

January 27 - Sitting up in my Bumbo already...

January 27 - ...but there are still times when you can't beat the floor.

January 28 - Thelma really likes to hold me.

January 30 - Just chilling on a leather couch.