July Pictures.

July was month of trips to the beach and the always awesome Fishtales, Tugs and Sails event
on the piers in downtown New London. We also had a great trip to the Bronx Zoo... kinda by accident.
The trip was spurred by an old Reading Rainbow episode and poor signage for Beardsley Zoo in Connecticut.

July 1 - In the living room with the fun little maze.

July 2 - Maybe I'll be a fireman when I grow up.

July 2 - Me and Thelma on the floor in the living room getting ready for bed.

July 3 - All covered up at the beach.

July 4 - Happy Independence Day!

July 4 - Ready for dinner in my Bumbo.

July 5 - On the train with Mommy and Thelma at the Bronx Zoo.

July 7 - Daddy giving me a strawberry...

July 7 - ...and me giving some back.

July 9 - Stay cool, my babies.

July 11 - On the beach under the umbrella.

July 12 - Happily getting lotion after the bath.

July 17 - Hanging with my crew at the beach.

July 18 - Feeding myself prunes.

July 19 - Playing in the basement.

July 24 - Playing twister without the mat.

July 25 - All bundled up in the stroller.

July 27 - Thelma builds towers, I chew on the parts.

July 29 - Happy in my carseat.

July 29 - Thelma hopped in my crib and gave me a big hug.