October Pictures.

Ahhh, October, the month of Halloween. And with Halloween and little kids and multiple events,
you have multiple Halloween costumes. One Ray liked, and one he didn't.

October 12 - Looking damn cute with the pumpkins.

October 12 - Giving Mommy a big hug.

October 12 - Picking apples with Daddy.

October 12 - Not sure what Thelma is so concerned about.

October 16 - Happy about being outside.

October 18 - Ball pit fun.

October 18 - In a swing.

October 19 - Cute kid in a mirror.

October 22 - Really, a pumkin? How embarrassing.

October 25 - Swinging pumpkin.

October 28 - Pumpkin and Chicken...what a pair.

October 29 - But I like the Lion outfit, much more manly.