April Pictures.

April brought a few trips to the aquarium and a visit from Grandma and Papa. Oh, yeah, and Dave returned from deployment
on the 13th. And the world of the last six months gets turned upside down.

April 1 - Reflection in aquarium tank.

April 1 - Watching the pretty fish.

April 3 - Running back with an Egg at the Easter Egg hunt.

April 4 - Playing in the sand at the park.

April 4 - Can't get enough sand.

April 4 - Thelma helping me spin at the park.

April 7 - Looking cute in a cap.

April 8 - Playing with a doughnut stacker.

April 10 - Mmmmmm...chalk.

April 12 - Enjoying some cake at the reception the night before Daddy's homecoming.

April 13 - With Papa at the rocks waiting for Daddy's boat to pass.

April 16 - Super cool in my pajamas.

April 17 - The lifecycle of of a child's tower.

April 19 - More pretty fish.

April 23 - Not so happy on the park rocker.

April 25 - Taking down Thelma.

April 26 - Hanging in the wardroom on USS Virginia.

April 30 - Bustin' out of the playhouse.