December Pictures.

Busy, busy December. A couple runs during the month allowed us to hang out in the cold. We also had Thelma's birthday party
and numerous trips during Dave's Christmas break. A trip to a local Christmas Village and Train preceded heading to Ames for
Christmas where much snow was experienced. Back in Kansas after Christmas, we took advantage of a warm day to go to the zoo.
The last day of the year held a trip to Union Station in KC to see a dinosaur exhibit and some trains.
A great end to a great year!

December 4 - Plenty cold in the stroller waiting for Daddy to finish a race.

December 17 - Hey, we finally put the tree up.

December 19 - Checking out the cool train at the Christmas Village.

December 19 - Santa at the train station.

December 24 - I drafted Uncle Stefan into being my sled dog in the backyard.

December 24 - Tackling the big hill in the backyard.

December 24 - The cold snow is yummy, but it burns.

December 24 - Seriously, get the camera out of my face.

December 24 - Taking my new crotch rocket for a spin at Christmas.

December 24 - Hanging with all the cousins.

December 26 - Like father, like son.

December 26 - Getting a workout on the horse at Grandma's.

December 28 - Messing around with Thelma.

December 30 - Loving the carousel at the Kansas City Zoo.

December 30 - Trying to hide behind Buddha at the Zoo.

December 30 - Walking around the Zoo.

December 30 - Making cookies with Thelma.

December 31 - Checking out the Kansas City Southern RR "Holiday Express".

December 31 - Holding Mommy's hand so she wouldn't be afraid of Triceratops.

December 31 - Riding the slide at the Crayola play area in the Crown Center.