January Pictures.

January opens with Dave in port...in Spain. Shala and the kids took full advantage of some early snow to have some fun.
Ray had many a playgroup to attend and copious amounts of Mommy time while Thelma was at school.

January 1 - Haning with Mommy in the snow.

January 1 - I have the best spot in the sled.

January 1 - It isn't a day in the snow if you don't eat some.

January 1 - American Gothic - Children's winter version.

January 1 - Oh, boy here I go!

January 2 - Playing with the sorter.

January 2 - Like my awesome train?

January 12 - Dinner time!

January 14 - Chillin' during my haircut.

January 15 - Playing in the basement.

January 15 - Playing with Ephraim.

January 21 - What can I make for you?

January 21 - Setting the table.

January 21 - Some of the best cooking is done on the floor.

January 21 - Gotta have veggies with the meal.

January 21 - Thelma trying to impart her "wisdom".

January 22 - Not happy in the mall play area.

January 25 - The man in red.

January 28 - What?

January 28 - Too cute.