July Pictures.

July, a new month, a new house in a new state. We checked out the Kansas City Zoo and the neighborhood parks. We also just
had a lot of fun in the yard and as a family. We took a trip up to Ames, IA to visit family. It ended up being pretty hot
all month, but we found a way to have fun with Daddy around since indoctrination at CGSC was pretty minimal and classes
don't start for almost two months.

July 1 - Chilling out on the bench at the park.

July 3 - Busting out a tune on the harmonica.

July 4 - Trying to dive away from Mommy.

July 4 - Oblivious to the fortune on my forehead.

July 5 - Admit it, I'm cute!

July 5 - With Mom at Grandma Sylvia's.

July 5 - Crazy hair.

July 8 - Would this picture be as cute if I told you that right after
Daddy took the picture, I hit Thelma with the book?.

July 11 - How Daddy looks after spending too much time with army guys.

July 12 - Give me a handful of crackers and I am happy for an hour.

July 14 - Thelma makes us ride every carousel we see.

July 14 - Riding a giant eland.

July 17 - Looking cute on the floor.

July 17 - Sitting on the swing at Shatto Dairy.

July 24 - Checking out the cookies in the oven.

July 24 - About a second before slamming Miss Sally.

July 25 - Dropping the grumpy old man face.

July 25 - Trying to blow bubbles.

July 27 - On the slide in the backyard.

July 31 - Watch me, I'm gonna climb it!