April Thelma Pictures!!!

April 2 - Hangin' with Aunt Jamile.

April 3 - Yeeeesssss???

April 5 - What!? Can we not find a matching pair of leggings? Seriously?!

April 8 - With Grandma and Grandpa.

April 8 - Don't I look cute in my pretty Easter dress.

April 9 - We heard that the giraffe filed assault charges the next day...

April 10 - Playing with the cool carseat toys Mommy got me.

April 14 - See I told you we had matching leggings. (Do parents ever listen?)

April 15 - Doin' Tummy Time pretty regularly now.

April 18 - Who needs to roll over when you can bend like this.

April 19 - Mommy got me this great set of suspended toys. The Lion plays songs when I tug on it.

April 19 - ...99, 100. Beat that Daddy!

April 20 - Rolling over is for inflexible people.

April 22 - Peace, Dude!

April 22 - In the carseat driving around Connecticut.

April 22 - Look what I got!

April 28 - Looking out the window in Newport, RI with Mom.

April 28 - Hangin' out on the couch with Daddy.

April 28 - Trying to help Daddy get rid of his double chin by gnawing one off.

April 28 - On the Cliffwalk in Newport, RI with Mommy.

April 29 - Sitting in the Bumbo on the kitchen counter.

April 29 - I can and will try to eat anything.

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