August Thelma Pics!!!

August 2 - I'd just like to point out that I am really cute.

August 6 - On your mark, get set!

August 6 - Come to Thelma...

August 6 - Mmmmm, coaster.

August 7 - Dinner can devolve into a full contact sport.

August 10 - Just in case you forgot, I damn cute.

August 11 - Chillin' with Mom at Daddy's BBQ.

August 11 - Another BBQ shot.

August 12 - Fingers can be yummy toys.

August 12 - Fistful of Mommy's hair.

August 12 - I get less and less happy as the posed pictures take longer and longer.

August 12 - Happy hanging out with Great Grandma and Mommy.

August 13 - A little pause in the middle of my almost endless crawling.

August 13 - Admiring a picture of Daddy when he was little.

August 13 - Hanging out, upside down, with Daddy.

August 13 - Mmmmm, peach.

August 13 - Can't get enough peach.

August 14 - Having fun in the bath.

August 14 - Makin a mess in the living room.

August 14 - Sometimes the simplest things keep me happy.

August 16 - Hanging out with Great Grandpa. See how I tried to steal his ticket to keep him from leaving?

August 18 - Having a stare down with little Nicky.

August 18 - Making sure all of the rules are clear to Nicky.

August 19 - In the kitchen with Great Grandpa.

August 19 - Us gals and Great Grandpa.

August 19 - Me and the guys.

August 21 - What? It's just an E Coli.

August 21 - Taste test of the baby rubber ducky.

August 21 - Can't go anywhere without something in my mouth.

August 21 - See, I still have the duck.

August 22 - Ya got me, I was taking a hit of "strap".

August 23 - No, really, it is just an Animal Cracker in my mouth.

August 24 - Well now they have moved my tub into the bathtub.

August 24 - Daddy just can't resist messing with my hair after the bath.

August 27 - Mmmmm, Snickers! (ed. the baby was not allowed to actually eat the Snickers, Shala took care of that.)

August 31 - In case you missed it, I'm Cute!

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