December Pictures

December marks one full year that Thelma has graced our lives with her presence.
It has been a wondrous time, and we have enjoyed every minute.

If you would like to see pictures from Thelma's Birthday Party, click on the picture below.

Just click on the picture to go to the Birthday Party.

December 4 - Opening a toy the night before my birthday...Daddy is such a softy!

December 5 - Queen for a Day!

December 5 - Yeah, I'm one!

December 5 - I like the balls on my new toy from Grandma and Grandpa.

December 5 - Cute even when I am chewing toys to pieces.

December 5 - Watch as I engage Mommy while she is distracted and get her to give me the camera lens cap.
Then it is off to the races to get away from the scene of the crime and enjoy the spoils.

December 5 - I wonder what is around the it more presents?

December 5 - Playing with my playmate Matthew.

December 5 - With Mommy playing at Matthew's house.

December 9 - Bundling up to jog out for a jog.

December 13 - Standing at my toy table.

December 14 - If you don't immediately understand the reason for the
sad and serious face, look down at the seat.

December 17 - Standing at another toy table.

December 19 - Thelma imitating the look of the Northwest Airlines agent we
would meet in a few days.

December 21 - Getting ready for the Clifford 500.

December 21 - This toy will get me to Ames faster than Northwest Airlines.

December 21 - Looking out the window at Matthew's.

December 21 - Priceless.

December 22 - Having fun with Mommy!

December 24 - Helping Mommy open Christmas presents

December 24 - Presents galore at Grandma Sylvia's

December 24 - Seriously, it is a sea of presents!

December 24 - I don't care if they are mine or not...I'm takin' 'em.

December 25 - Out on a walk with Daddy.

December 27 - Grandma Sylvia has some neat toys at her house...

December 29 - ...and she's a pretty good dancer too!

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