July Thelma Pics!!!

Warning!!! This is the largest page of pics we have put together,
and it will take a while for some connections to load it. Sorry.

July 1 - Takin a stroll down a greenway in central CT.

July 1 - I absolutely love this take-home container. Its the best toy ever!

July 1 - Mesmerized by prunes on a spoon.

July 1 - No, really, I'm not addicted to prunes. I can stop anytime I want.

July 3 - I'd rather eat the bell than ring it.

July 4 - Me lookin' cute on my playmat.

July 6 - Makin' sure Daddy and Grandpa put my crib together right.

July 7 - Throw another shrimp on the barbie!

July 7 - Getting used to the beach on Cape Cod

July - See, I look cute even when it is just a picture of my feet in the sand.

July 7 - Checkin' out the surf.

July 7 - What in the world does Grandpa have?

July 7 - ...a horseshoe crab!.

July 7 - Early on, we must all learn,
the true purpose of man is to torture other living creatures.

July 7 - The beach can really wear you down.

July 7 - For a baby, all the world's a toilet.

July 7 - Is this safe?

July 7 - With Mommy after a nice shower to get the beach sand off.

July 8 - Sittin' on the beachhouse couch.

July 8 - Playing with a sock monkey.

July 9 - With Great, Great Aunt Dot and Grandma Dot

July 9 - With Grandma.

July 9 - Another one with Grandma.

July 9 - Sheets at the beach are nice.

July 9 - Napping on Mommy's shoulder.

July 11 - Playing on the computer with Mommy.

July 11 - Hangin' with Mommy.

July 11 - Hangin' with Daddy.

July 12 - Sizing up the large tower Daddy built.

July 12 - Gathering the pieces of the large tower Daddy built.

July 12 - Wow, that is tall.

July 12 - Mommy takes me to the pool each Thursday

July 12 - We have a good time at the pool

July 12 - Swimming with Mommy and Josh and Mason. Josh and his
wife, Ashley, went to birthing classes with Mommy and Daddy. Technically,
I guess Mason and I were there too.

July 12 - See how high I can jump out of the pool!

July 12 - I love chasing after the little blue fishy.

July 13 - Do you like my new big ball?

July 14 - Geez, we've never showed you this before have we?

July 15 - I will attack the edges of my play area like a rabid dog. Stand back!

July 15 - Just sittin' here happy as can be!

July 15 - Don't you love the cute little dress Grandma and Grandpa got for me?

July 19 - Must get everything out of sippy cup...

July 20 - Playin' in the bath with my little fish...

July 20 - ...oh, and my little frog too...

July 20 - How 'bout two toys at the same time...

July 21 - Mmmmm, graham cracker...

July 21 - Not many kids would enjoy playing with E Coli...I'm not many kids...

July 21 - Must...have...ice...cream... (ed. No ice cream was actually fed to Thelma
during the taking of these photos...any impression that giving ice cream to babies is
a good thing is purely coincidental...)

July 21 - Somebody wanna play with me?

July 21 - Anybody?

July 24 - Yeah, it's cool, people bathe me...I'm hip like that...

July 28 - What does Mommy have? It looks like the Muppet puppet Uncle Tom and Aunt Brandi
and the kids got me on vacation...

July 28 - Muppet Attack!!!!!

July 28 - What the &*%# was that!

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