June Thelma Pics!!!

June 2 - Tryin' some sweet potatoes.

June 2 - Thelma likes sweet potatoes.

June 5 - On my playmat.

June 5 - More of me on my playmat.

June 8 - Hey, look, it's me on my playmat.

June 10 - Suprise...me on my playmat.

June 10 - Me on my playmat...not so happy.

June 10 - Me lookin' cute on my playmat.

June 10 - Me, playmat, chain...'nuf said!

June 10 - Grabbin' Daddy's face.

June 10 - Shiny, drool-y chin!

June 10 - I most certainly did not fart!

June 12 - If you can't sleep on Daddy, who can you sleep on?.

June 13 - My homage to Billy Idol. Do I have the sneer down or what?

June 14 - Messin' around with my fish chain.

June 14 - Check out my four choppers...

June 14 - ...which I'll try to eat anything with!.

June 14 - Happy baby with a pile of toys.

June 14 - In my sleepsack (Mommy and Daddy are trying to tire me out before bed).

June 15 - Strapped into my stroller.

June 15 - Playing with a long fish chain.

June 15 - All chain, all the time...here on Thelma-vision.

June 15 - Two happy girls.

June 15 - Crazy happy girls.

June 15 - Crossing my legs and eatin' a toy fish in the bath.

June 15 - Hidin' from Mommy. She'll never find me!

June 17 - I can handle the solid food thing myself, thank you.

June 17 - You are getting sleepy, very sleepy. Your eyelids are growing heavy...

June 17 - Lining up my shot.

June 17 - Maybe I don't like this solid stuff so much.

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June 28 - Playing in the bath.

June 28 - Daddy's spraying me with a squirt toy.

June 28 - My special Limited Edition Hawaiian Hula Bath Ducky is yummy.

June 28 - My little ducky tastes yummy too.

June 28 - Look, I'm up to six teeth now.

June 28 - Chewin' on Mr. Frog.

June 29 - Like my little skirt?

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