March Thelma Pictures!!!

March 1 - Practicing sitting up with Mommy.

March 1 - More playtime.

March 1 - New outfit.

March 1 - Same outfit, different picture.

March 1 - Sometimes you just can't help but drool...

March 3 - Always happy when she is with Mommy.

March 3 - Happy, happy...

March 3 - Purple Bib, Green Onesie, Red Socks.. that's it! Daddy is not allowed to dress me anymore.
(Ed. Dave had NOTHING to do with this clothing combination, I may be style deficient...but I'm not crazy)

March 3 - Head Up. Surveying her environment.

March 4 - Cute little outfit.

March 4 - See the stylin' pants Mommy made me? (and the funny onesie Daddy got her)

March 4 - Daddy and Thelma secretly plotting something.

March 6 - Waiting patiently for my afterbath massage.

March 9 - Tummy time...I'm getting so good at this, rolling over...not so much.

March 9 - I will spit up anywhere, anytime.

March 11 - How do you describe that face?

March 11 - Mommy multi-tasking.

March 13 - Thelma practicing the splits.

March 14 - Seriously, this is my favorite rattle.

March 14 - 'nuf said.

March 15 - Daddy's three loves. (ed. Shala said I had to call it that).

March 16 - With Daddy on Graduation Day.

March 16 - Sitting up in my Bumbo admiring my favorite rattle.

March 17 - Daddy asleep, again.

March 17 - Seriously, why are you taking me outside in this weather?

March 17 - Look, this is as close as you are getting to a snow angel.

March 18 - Must watch toy, must watch toy, must wa...

March 18 - Please, somebody come visit and take their camera away.

March 18 - Alright, that's it, I'm tired.

March 23 - Flying around the Bedroom.

March 29 - Enjoying her $300 rattle.

March 29 - Hey!, YOU!, Stop lookin' at me!

March 29 - If there was a skateboard or snowboard involved this move might be worth points.

March 30 - You didn't just push the spinny toy, awww, I'm gonna tell...

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