November Thelma Shots!!!

November 04 - What's over on the other side of the coffee table.

November 04 - Reading a book in the tent with Grandma Sylvia.

November 05 - I can make some pretty cute faces.

November 05 - What remote? I don't have the remote...daddy put it in the wrong spot.

November 05 - I get a kick out of the wire toys.

November 06 - Care to join me in the tent?

November 07 - I asked Mommy to stop eating jalapenos before feeding me...
but, she never listens.

November 07 - Raise the roof!!

November 08 - Time to head off to work.

November 08 - I'd just like to point out that I am really cute.

November 10 - I'm gonna get that balloon.

November 10 - I put it in my tent so it couldn't get away.

November 10 - You dare bring the Don a yellow ball? It's YELLOW!
The Don asked for an orange ball and you brought the Don a yellow one?

November 11 - The Thelma at the end of the tunnel.

November 13 - Mommy dressed me up special just so I could eat this apple.

November 14 - I stand up all the time.

November 14 - Who? Me? I didn't do it, it was Daddy.

November 17 - I love making noise with my whistles.

November 18 - Watching Abby play at playtime.

November 25 - With mommy at the Cider Farm.

November 28 - Ha! Now I've got the camera lens cap! What are they gonna do now?

November 28 - I'd just like to point out that I am really cute.

Thanks for stopping by, see you later.

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