October Thelma Shots!!!

October 1 - I refuse to go anywhere without a fishy in my mouth.

October 1 - Just hanging out playing with my toys.

October 4 - Swings!!!!

October 5 - I think my baby ducky should be right up with Daddy's models.

October 5 - I loved playing around in the pumpkin patch.

October 5 - Checkin' out the pumpkins with Kyle.

October 7 - Trying to work out a deal about toy sharing with Nicky.

October 9 - Coasters can be so much fun.

October 10 - Don't you just love this dress?

October 13 - Cute and academically gifted...perfect!

October 7 - I make any lighting look good.

October 14 - I really don't get any cuter than this.

October 14 - Nirvana is being with Mom...and a coaster.

October 15 - If I open my eyes wide enough, maybe I can see through the camera.

October 16 - Soft blocks and a playmat...

October 19 - I always have to see what else is going on.

October 20 - Imitating an elephant.

October 20 - "So I was on the playmat the other day and you wouldn't believe what..."

October 21 - Wow, look at that little cutie in the mirror.

October 21 - Raspberries for you!

October 22 - Mommy went crazy with my hair in the tub.

October 26 - Crazy hat and crazy pants, but still standing tall.

October 27 - With Grandma Sylvia in my Halloween outfit.

October 28 - Beanbag explosion!

October 28 - Crawling around all over town.

October 28 - My homage to Edvard Munch.

October 31 - Pretty darn happy climbing around.

October 31 - I'm just damn cute...admit it, you know it's true.

October 31 - Checkin' myself out in the mirror again.

October 31 - Crawlin' around in the tunnel in my Halloween costume.

October 31 - Halloween has us all pooped!

The End!

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