September Thelma Shots!!!

September 3 - Sitting with Mommy in the backyard watching the deer eat.

September 3 - Gotta have a playmat picture.

September 8 - Peering out of my stroller looking for Daddy's submarine.

September 10 - Staring contest with my favorite ball.

September 10 - I love loves me.

September 12 - So, what's over there?

September 14 - Somebody get me away from this crazy guy!

September 14 - Yup, I'm cute...but y'all already knew that.

September 14 - I just love my take-out tubs.

September 15 - Daddy just told me he has to go back to sea soon.

September 18 - I love my books.

September 24 - Balancing balls at playtime.

September 24 - Finsihed the long trip through the tunnel at playtime.

September 26 - Punk Rock Baby!!!!!!!!!!.

September 26 - Yes, can I help you?

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