April 2008 Pictures

Ahh, the month of April. Dave came home for a little while (and the little while got a little longer due to some incompetent people at work) and then left again, but he'll be back in late May. Thelma enjoyed a bathtub duck race in Westerly, RI. Thelma has been talking more and more and loves running around at any playground we can find. We all found out that Shala is pregnant and that Thelma will be a big sister. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of Thelma's second April.

April 2 - Lookin' cute at playtime.

April 3 - In the outfit I wore to meet Daddy on the pier. This is the way we told Daddy that Mommy was pregnant.

April 5 - Playing with a stacking toy.

April 7 - Excited or Possessed? You decide!

April 7 - Looking cute as always.

April 7 - Playing with Daddy's boat hat.

April 9 - Failing the modesty test.

April 9 - Daddy monster attacks!

April 10 - See, most kids would sit normally...I have to be different...trust me, it's comfortable. Try it!.

April 13 - Going for a ride...on Daddy's back.

April 14 - I'm this big, this old and gosh darn it I clap for myself if you guys don't.

April 14 - Styling in the pajamas.

April 14 - Practicing parade rest for Daddy.

April 14 - I love messing around in my tunnel. I got Daddy stuck in it the other day.

April 15 - I love a good bean and cheese burrito.

April 15 - Just having a good old time in the bath.

April 18 - Sitting in a pile of toys trying to decide what to play with next.

April 20 - And so begins a day at the park.

April 20 - I had a great time at the park.

April 20 - Relaxing at home after the park. Do you like my stickers?

April 26 - The start of the duck race down the river. (Ed. note the depression in the water in the picture on the right. Beautiful timing of the pic by Shala.)

April 26 - The ducks as the start to make their way down river.

April 26 - Me sitting in my stroller at the dck race.

April 29 - Some days the hair just doesn't want to play along.

April 29 - I'm so good I can play two at once.

April 29 - Cute in my old car seat.

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