August 2008 Pictures

Not much to say about August. Daddy was gone for most of it and Mommy and Thelma spent alot of time with friends at playgroup and at the beach...yeah, the beach in Connecticut. Let me tell ya, it's no Hawaii.

August 3 - Getting down with Daddy and some fingerpaint.

August 3 - Surveying the artwork.

August 3 - How did it get on my feet?

August 3 - What gets dirty, must get cleaned. (ed. there was no way we were letting her go inside)

August 13 - Getting a workout in the sandbox at Meghan's.

August 13 - Doing a little yardwork at Meghan's.

August 13 - Need a break and a snack from all the playing.

August 15 - Playing on one of the slides in the backyard

August 15 - Climbing through the tunnel in the backyard.

August 18 - (ed. I have no idea what she is doing, but it looked funny. So here it is.)

August 18 - Sitting in the extra seat for the stroller.

August 19 - See my cool bike...german engineering at it's finest...
We'll call it the BMW of tricycles. Go ahead, envy me!

August 19 - Fascinated with flowers.

August 20 - Looking cute in the library.

August 20 - Having fun with my birdie push toy.

August 26 - Going down the slide in the park.

August 26 - Going through the tunnel in the park.

August 29 - Playing in the surf at Waterford Beach.

August 29 - Playing in the sand.

August 29 - A bunch of the playgroup moms and their kids.
(l-r) Heather and Levi, Pat and Ian, Lisa and Grace, Meghan and Matt, Mommy and Me.
(ed. in this picture, everyone except for Lisa and Pat are pregnant, and Pat just had her second.)

August 29 - Ok, well I'm off to play some more at the beach. Come visit sometime.

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