February 2008 Pictures

February has come and Dave decided to skip out on it and spend time at sea and in Florida. Thelma decided to go about exploring in the great white mess of snow when she could. Have fun looking at the February pictures.

February 1 - Starting the month checking out my old pictures on the computer

February 3 - Yummy coasters!

February 4 - Will somebody come to Connecticut and play with me?

February 4 - Check out the scene at playgroup.

February 6 - Here Mommy, I want to read this one!

February 6 - Crawling around under the computer desk.

February 9 - The bathrobe series...enjoy!
Gotta love bottles...Obi Wan, you're our only hope...
Playing with my inchworm toy.Inspecting my bottle.

February 11 - Master of all I survey.

February 11 - Checking out playgroup from my ride.

February 11 - Hey, this is supposed to have a horn right here.

February 12 - Dominoes? Yes, I'd like to order...

February 13 - Exhausted after a busy day...

February 13 - I have to stay properly hydrated to make the most out of playtime.

February 14 - Valentine's Day Photos
Happy in the Bumbo.What a cute girl in the mirror.
Reading a book.Fun in my tent.

February 14 - Cute as ever.

February 22 - Tyler, me and Matthew out in the snow.

February 22 - Snow Day Photos
I've got a huge snowball!Yummy! Snow!
Can't stop eating it...Cute in a snowsuit!

February 24 - And to your left you'll see...more snow.

February 28 - What they heck are these things?

February 29 - I'm not dealing well with this whole extra day thing.

The END!

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