January 2008 Pictures

Another January has come and we were faced with Dave leaving for a while and Thelma deciding that it was time to become much more mobile. While she had started to take a couple steps at a time, once Dave left, she decided doing laps of the house and running and screaming everywhere would be more fun. Have fun looking at the January pictures.

January 5 - I don't know what happened, I'm just a baby!

January 5 - Giving Mommy a big hug.

January 5 - Hey, Daddy, I see you taking a picture!

January 6 - Where have we seen this before?

January 6 - Yes, I am damn cute!

January 6 - Dogpile on Mommy...come on Daddy, get in here and help!

January 6 - I like my play table.

January 9 - (ed. I really have no idea how to describe that face)

January 12 - I am so awesome with this spoon. I'm at least 50% accurate!

January 15 - Behold the stages of emotion when finding a box to play with...
Oooh, a box to play with...I'm gonna get this open no matter what...
Is this thing ever gonna open?Damn box!

January 18 - I can't stay clean while eating.

January 18 - It tastes better smeared all over your face. I call it immersion eating.

January 21 - Just looking cute sitting in a chair.

January 27 - Barkeep, give line me up with another!

January 27 - I love playing in my tent.

January 29 - Trying to pass myself off as a three year old.

January 30 - Yeah, I'm cute.

January 30 - Wait, don't go, come back to visit again.
Better yet, come visit in Connecticut.

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