July 2008 Pictures

July, middle of summer, and Daddy was here for the start and the end. Grandma and Grandpa dropped in for a little while and a lot of fun was had with friends and at the beach.

July 4 - On the dock waiting for my boat ride...
And remember, always practice boating safety...

July 4 - Meghan and Matt and Mommy and and me riding on the boat.
In the picture but not yet visible are Baby Olivia and Baby Ray.

July 4 - Feeling the wind in my hair with Mommy.

July 4 - Spending some time on the boat with Daddy.

July 5 - Must stretch to smell flowers...can't get enough.

July 5 - These are much easier to smell.

July 5 - All the flower smelling made me hungry.

July 5 - The aftermath of a dinner with macaroni and cheese.

July 5 - After the mess is the clean up. Even in the bath I'm a ham.

July 9 - Reading a book with Grandma Dot.

July 9 - Reading a book with Grandpa Tom.

July 9 - I roped Grandma into another book on the couch.

July 9 - Grandpa and I did some cool stuff with my blocks.

July 11 - At the beach...

July 11 - ...being a ham.

July 12 - With Grandma at the Ice Cream shop.

July 13 - Grandpa read me a book about the alphabet...and hockey.

July 18 - Playing in the surf at Waterford Beach.

July 19 - Fully decked out for the potty... a drink, strawberries and a magazine.

July 20 - Just finished crawling through my tunnel.

July 20 - Reading a book.

July 20 - Taking some books to Mommy to read.

July 20 - Checking the bottle to see if it is hiding juice from me.

July 21 - Sit in front of a huge field of sunflowers enjoying the day.

July 21 - Done enjoying, now it is time to scream in excitement.

July 21 - You can never have enough ice cream.

July 23 - Some days are just bad hair days

July 23 - Counting the days until Grandma and Grandpa visit again.

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