June 2008 Pictures

June, ahh, almost an entire month with Daddy at home. We took advantage of the fact and took a trip to Pittsburgh to visit Thelma's new cousin and have a bit of a break from Connecticut. We also met up with Grandma Jamison and hit the zoo in Providence and took a trip to the Mystic Aquarium. Finally, onto the pictures of Thelma's second June.

June 1 - Doing a little dance in the living room.

June 1 - Check out my cool ride.

June 1 - If Daddy can play MarioKart, so can I.

June 4 - Reading an alphabet book about Atlantic sealife.

June 8 - Look at the cool tower Daddy built with my blocks.
(ed. Thelma turned it to rubble seconds after the picture was taken.)

June 8 - Behold the destruction of a tower. (ed. note the falling blocks in both pictures taken only a second or so apart.)

June 8 - Destroying all kinds of towers makes a girl hungry, and pizza hits the spot.

We visited the Roger Williams Zoo on the 13th of June and had a great time. We will soon add a link of Zoo pictures for your entertainment.

June 13 - With Mommy near the giraffe enclosure
at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, RI.

June 13 - Walking in the zoo with Mommy and Great-Grandma Jamison.

June 13 - Just chilling in the stroller at the zoo.

June 13 - Walking down the street with Daddy in downtown Providence, RI.
The state capitol is in the background.

June 13 - Even after a long day at the zoo I can still throw up a nice tower.

June 14 - A classic Thelma tower.

June 17 - Having a snack with Matt at his house.

June 14 - Playing in the playhouse at Matt's.

June 14 - Hanging out the playhouse window.

June 21 - On the carousel at Fun Unleashed in State College, PA, one of our pit stops on the trip to Pittsburgh.

June 21 - Another shot on the carousel.

June 21 - Getting ready to head down the spiral slide with Daddy.
I'm not so sure about this.

June 21 - Look at the awesome big slide at Fun Unleashed.
After a couple trips I was doing it by myself.

June 24 - (ed. the mystery of where all her energy comes from is finally solved.)

We visited the Pittsburgh Zoo on the 24th of June and had a great time. We will soon add a link of Zoo pictures for your entertainment.

June 24 - Looking through the fence of the rhino enclosure at the Pittsburgh Zoo.

June 24 - Checking out the elephants with Mommy.

June 24 - Wiped out by my day at the zoo.

June 24 - Watching Kermit get his bird bath.

June 24 - Daddy caught me giving my cousin Elizabeth a kiss.

June 25 - Taking a stroll at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.

June 25 - Looking at the submarine at the Science Center.

June 25 - (ed. just thought it was a neat picture with the reflection.)

June 25 - With Daddy on the bridge over the top floor of the Science Center.

June 25 - Playing with the fountain and ping pong balls.

June 25 - Planning my method for sinking the boat.

June 25 - Watch out, I have a scoop.

June 25 - Wiped out by my time at the Science Center.

June 25 - Having had a nap, we headed to a park to enjoy some slides.

June 25 - Riding the spiral slide with Mommy.

June 25 - The park was followed by ice cream.

June 26 - Nothing but the best transportation for me at the hotel.

June 27 - (ed. Just damn cute.)

We visited the Mystic Aquarium on the 29th of June and had a great time. We will soon add a link of Aquarium pictures for your entertainment.

June 29 - I just love watching the fish swim around.

June 29 - The seals were the coolest thing there.

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