March 2008 Pictures

March is here. Dave came home for a little while and then left again, but he'll be back in early April. March saw the arrival of Thelma's total fascination with boxes, Thelma's first parade and a couple Easter Egg hunts. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of Thelma's second March.

March 3 - At playgroup with a set of blue balls.

March 3 - The only three survivors of the SS Baby Titanic.

March 3 - On dry land, but still feeling seasick. Yup, like Mother, like Daughter.

March 7 - And I'm crazy cute...

March 8 - Walking around the birthday party with a hat on... Mommy made me.

March 8 - Doing some fishing at the birthday party with Matthew's mom, Meghan.

March 8 - I just wanted to remind you that I am one.

March 10 - Isn't this big ball awesome?

March 10 - Playing on the slide at playgroup.

March 10 - More slide action.

March 11 - Some Easter Egg hunt action at Meghan's house. It was awesome.

March 12 - Sitting in the corner reading a book, just like Daddy used to do at his
grandma Thelma's house.

March 12 - To really enjoy Skyline Chili, you just have to get into it. Literally.

March 13 - Enjoying a bedtime book with Daddy.

March 14 - Looking super cute after a bath.

March 15 - Looking cute standing at the bookshelf...

March 15 - ...but I've got something devious in mind.

March 21 - Sitting in a box for fun.

March 21 - Just can't get enough of the box.

March 24 - (ed. I have no idea how to caption is just funny)

March 26 - Flash the sign to all my homies.

March 26 - Having a great time on the swing set in the park.

March 26 - Can't get enough of the swing...

March 26 - Ok, enough swing.

March 29 - On another Easter Egg hunt.

March 30 - Checking out a local St. Patrick's Day Parade.

March 30 - Looking at everything but the parade, at the parade.

March 30 - Walking around with all my pretty necklaces...

March 30 - ...but sometimes I want them off.

March 31 - More playgroup slide action.

March 31 - Cute outfit at playgroup.

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