May 2008 Pictures

May arrived. The family apparently became allergic to the camera as there was a total dearth of pictures to choose from for this month's installment. Dave came home at the end of the month to start his longest home inport period of the year. Our small selection of pictures includes spending some time at Second Beach in Newport, RI with friends and various group playtime shots. So here ya of Thelma's second May.

May 4 - Checking out the tulips at the Mystic Aquarium.

May 4 - Checking out the shoe selection in a catalog.

May 5 - Note my perfect form for backing up my boat. Natural shiphandler?

May 6 - Hey, d'jou cawl a caab!.

May 6 - Ahh, sand and shovels...a perfect summer.

May 14 - Hey, I can have a snack while standing in a clean clothes basket if I want.

May 14 - Getting ready to attack the slide.

May 14 - (ed. Precious...I don't know what else to write.)

May 21 - My pediatrician, Dr. Jenn L. giving me some guidance at playgroup.

May 21 - On top of the world.

May 25 - Daddy's friend Dan (old navigator on his boat) and his daughter Caroline.

May 25 - Shots from Second Beach in Newport, RI when we visited Dan and his family for the day.

May 25 - Me with Daddy chilling in the beach chairs.

May 25 - Caroline and me trying to get a kite flying.

May 25 - Me and Mommy with Julie (Dan's wife) and their new baby, Samuel.

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