November 2008 Pictures

And so we get to November, the month of Thanksgiving...a crazy Thanksgiving punctuated by the arrival of my little brother Raymond. Wow, was it crazy.

November 1 - Sometimes you just have to hide in the bathroom closet.

November 2 - With Mommy on the playmat.

November 2 - Getting up close with Raymond.

November 6 - Look, the toy and the bread are coming with me, no funny stuff.

November 6 - Fingerpaints are my favorite.

November 6 - Messy hands.

November 10 - Tromping through the leaves at the zoo.

November 11 - Crazy Thelma!

November 16 - Sometimes it's hard being a two year old.

November 18 - Sometimes Puff is a good dragon...sometimes he fights back...

November 26 - Dressed in my finest to go meet Raymond for the first time at the hospital.

November 26 - Giving Raymond a kiss.

November 28 - Reading a book with Grandpa.

November 29 - Big hugs for Papa.

November 29 - Meeting cousins Miranda and Mitchell for the first time.

November 29 - Holding Raymond for the first time.

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