October 2008 Pictures

October, the month of ghosts and ghouls and... elephants? We got to go to a bunch of playgroups and parties and Halloween. The biggest treat was Daddy being in almost the entire month.

October 1 - I've got a secret.

October 1 - Having a great time with my blocks.

October 1 - Building another Thelma masterpiece.

October 1 - Wow, the tower is taller than me.

October 2 - Watching the school bus go by.

October 4 - Having fun at my first haircut.

October 11 - Sitting in the cockpit of an Army helicopter at the Groton Fall Festival.

October 11 - Playing in the park at the Groton Fall Festival.

October 12 - Mmmmmm... Apples!

October 12 - You wouldn't believe how many apples I ate by the time we were done at the orchard. (ed. it was four)

October 12 - Two at once.

October 12 - Gotta get another one.

October 12 - This one is mine!

October 12 - Looking cute with some pumpkins.

October 12 - Looking cute with some pumpkins...part two.

October 12 - Searching for the best pumpkin.

October 12 - All of us sitting with the pumpkins.

October 18 - Punk hair and army boots...ready to party!

October 19 - Trying on my elephant Halloween costume.

October 20 - Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh...Thelma!

October 22 - Ready for some construction.

October 23 - Mmmm... this bread is all mine.

October 25 - Playing in the hay at a Halloween Party.

October 25 - More hay action.

October 25 - How 'bout some horse action?

October 25 - Got horse?

October 25 - Hanging out with friends on the trailer for the hayride.

October 26 - In front of one of the Salve Regina buildings on the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI.

October 26 - With Mommy on the Cliff Walk.

October 26 - With Mommy, Great-Grandma Jamison and her friend Bill on the Cliff Walk.

October 27 - Playing in the leaves.

October 28 - With Mommy at a Halloween Event.

October 31 - At the mall on Halloween.

October 31 - All my friends with me at the mall on Halloween.

Ok, gotta go, other stuff to do...see ya later.

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