September 2008 Pictures

September arrives to mark the end of summer. Daddy came home and we went to a fair and the zoo and had a great time together as a family.

September 1 - I can make some pretty awesome things with my blocks...all by myself.

September 1 - Practicing being a zombie for Halloween.

September 2 - Mmmmm... bananas.

September 3 - On the rocks at near Avery Point watching for Daddy's boat to pull in.
(ed. You can see the Virginia in the left picture in the bottom row. It's the first thing on the horizon to the left of Thelma.)

September 7 - Looking at some animals with Mommy at the Zoo.

September 7 - Getting a good look at the Moon Bear.

September 7 - C'mon Daddy let's get to the Bald Eagles!

September 7 - Mommy and I always watch the seals swim around for a while.

September 11 - Ok, my turn to drive.

September 11 - Not a care in the world, just plain happy.

September 11 - Hanging out with Matt at Waterford Country School.

September 14 - Coffee and a doughnut in the morning. Can't beat that..

September 14 - Riding with Daddy on a firetruck at the fair in the park.

September 14 - I loved the trip on the firetruck. We saw a bunch of stuff.

September 17 - Coloring in my GIANT nursery rhyme coloring book.

September 18 - I have no problem filling big shoes.

September 19 - Coloring with Daddy.

September 19 - Daddy giving me a big kiss.

Ok, gotta go, other stuff to do...see ya later.

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