August Pictures.

August had more trips to the beach and a visit to the Goshen Fire Department.
We also took an awesome trip to the New England Air Museum and another great
trip to the Providence Children's Museum.

August 4 - Locked up in my crib.

August 7 - You can never have enough buckets at the beach.

August 7 - Enjoying an ice cream on the beach with Tyler.

August 13 - Every once in a while you need to lick a flower.

August 13 - Maybe I'll be a fireman when I grow up.

August 13 - (Ed. Damn cute picture.).

August 16 - Playing in the water with Ray on Cape Cod.

August 18 - Mmmmm...watermelon.

August 22 - Playing with some seaweed at the beach.

August 22 - Crazy bath face.

August 23 - Playing in the water at the Museum.

August 23 - Who's captain of this ship?

August 23 - Enjoying the waterfall at the Providence Children's Museum.

August 25 - Enjoying my lime popsicle.

August 29 - Crazy Helicopter Pilot.

August 29 - Mesmerized by the shiny jet at the NE Air Museum.

August 29 - What the heck happened to the plane behind me?

August 29 - Sometimes you just have the lick a door frame.

August 30 - In the crib with ray.

August 30 - Hiding under the table.