December Pictures.

With Daddy only two months into his deployment, Grandma Sylvia came to Groton to visit for Thelma's birthday.
December included a trip to the zoo and a train ride with a Christmas show. There were also presents galore
and playing in the snow and on a frozen lake!

December 1 - Enjoying some ice cream.

December 4 - Checking out the zebras at the
Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI.

December 4 - Gotta ride the elephant statue every time we go to the zoo.

December 4 - Giving the dog statue a hug.

December 4 - Leading Grandma around the zoo.

December 5 - My cute crown that Mommy made and Grandma Sylvia decorated.

December 5 - Jumping with Levi on the trampoline.

December 5 - Reached the end of the slide.

December 8 - Staring out the window of the North Pole Express train.

December 8 - Enjoying a cookie and cocoa on the North Pole Express.

December 18 - Playtime.

December 20 - Gotta get to shoveling since Daddy isn't here to do it.

December 20 - All bundled up in the snow with Mommy and Ray.

December 20 - Making sure Ducky is comfortable for naps.

December 24 - Making a masterpiece on the easel.

December 24 - Wrapped up for bed, looking forward to Christmas morning.

December 25 - Obligatory tree picture.

December 25 - Digging into my presents.

December 25 - The family at Christmas.

December 25 - Running around on the frozen lake.