January Pictures.

Starting off the new year with Dave going out to sea and Shala having to quickly get used to dealing with two. Thank goodness for Thelma having a pretty solid schedule. Here are some pics of Thelma in the first month of 2009.

January 4 - Giving Ray a big kiss to start the new year.

January 6 - Playing on the floor with Ray.

January 8 - Helping Mommy do some cooking.

January 11 - Building towers.

January 16 - Messing around with Ray on the Boppy.

January 16 - Face it...I'm cute.

January 17 - Looking great in a stylish white hat.

January 18 - Reaching out to my artistic side with the magnetic sketch pad.

January 21 - Sometimes I even get frustrated with Ray's fussing.

January 22 - Contemplating cake.

January 23 - Singing with Levi, Grace and Matt.

January 23 - The engineering in me built another tower.

January 23 - Pondering the meaning of life...or tasting my finger.

January 25 - Laying waste to a tomato. (ed. yup, she eats them whole...loves...weird.)

January 27 - Sitting with Ray.

January 27 - Practicing to be a movie star.

January 27 - Using the paint as lipstick...

January 27 - ...and sitting in the timeout spot because of it.

January 28 - I really like to hold Ray.

January 30 - Get the Camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!