July Pictures.

July was month of trips to the beach and the always awesome Fishtales, Tugs and Sails event
on the piers in downtown New London. We also had a great trip to the Bronx Zoo... kinda by accident.
The trip was spurred by an old Reading Rainbow episode and poor signage for Beardsley Zoo in Connecticut.

July 2 - Off and running for another month of pictures.

July 2 - On the floor with Ray.

July 4 - Celebrating Independence Day by chilling out on the couch.

July 4 - July 4th and Skyline...the perfect combination.

July 5 - Heading into the Bronx Zoo.

July 5 - Checking out the Lions at the Zoo.

July 5 - Having fun feeding a goat.

July 5 - An awesome Carousel ride with Mommy.

July 6 - Napping in the crib.

July 17 - Waterworks at the beach.

July 17 - Jackie O on the beach...with a bucket.

July 18 - Blue bath with brother.

July 19 - Recovering from a rough night.

July 22 - In my crib with Ray.

July 24 - Enjoying some ice cream on the beach.

July 24 - Can't be a month of photos without a tower.

July 25 - Listening to a book at Fishtales, Tugs and Sails .

July 25 - Meeting the duck who was the subject of Lemon the Duck.

July 29 - Visiting the Stylist.

July 30 - On the couch getting ready for our bedtime book.