October Pictures.

Busy, busy October. Thelma started at the Beth-El Pre-school two days a week and continued her swimming classes!
There were also many trips to the park to play and a birthday party for a friend at the gymnastics center. Halloween
occured twice and Thelma was a chicken outside and a monkey inside. Daddy left on deployment mid-month so he missed
the great times at Halloween.

October 6 - Standing next to the sign at my pre-school.

October 6 - Next to my cubby at school.

October 6 - Making faces at the playground.

October 6 - Playing in the sand at the playground.

October 19 - Kicking some ass climbing the wall.

October 16 - Most kids want to be a fireman...I want to be the chief.

October 18 - Who's driving this thing.

October 18 - On the rings at the gymnastics center.

October 18 - Trying my hand at the balance beam.

October 18 - Ball Pit!!!!!!!!!!!

October 24 - Playing with a pile of toys.

October 26 - Swinging like a monkey...

October 27 - ...spinning like a top.

October 25 - A happy caged chicken?

October 25 - Sad chicken.

October 25 - Waiting for a train to go by on the Niantic Boardwalk.

October 25 - Running on the Boardwalk in Niantic.

October 31 - Crazy monkey on Halloween.