January Pictures.

January opens with Dave in port...in Spain. Shala and the kids took full advantage of some early snow to have some fun.
Thelma also got some nice ice skates and busied herself with skating classes at the local rink. Of course there was school
for Thelma and plenty of playgroups to round out the kids' time.

January 1 - No snowfall is complete without necessary child labor.

January 1 - Group sledding...that can't be comfortable.

January 1 - Hauling the sled back to the start point.

January 1 - American Gothic - Children's winter version.

January 1 - Oblivious to Ray taking a tumble.

January 7 - Shy on the couch.

January 8 - Thelma with her skates.

January 10 - getting into the zone at the rink.

January 11 - What a face.

January 13 - Super excited about her leggings.

January 15 - Building at tower at playgroup.

January 15 - Playing with a train at playgroup.

January 17 - Moving smooth on the ice.

January 21 - ?!?!?.

January 21 - Crazy bike rider!

January 21 - Jumping around.

January 21 - Where did my ball go?

January 21 - Having an important discussion with Ray.

January 28 - Hey, Ray, there's something on your head.

January 28 - Just cute.