July Pictures.

July, a new month, a new house in a new state. We checked out the Kansas City Zoo and the neighborhood parks. We also just
had a lot of fun in the yard and as a family. We took a trip up to Ames, IA to visit family. It ended up being pretty hot
all month, but we found a way to have fun with Daddy around since indoctrination at CGSC was pretty minimal and classes
don't start for almost two months.

July 1 - Swinging in the park.

July 1 - The park has some great slides too.

July 4 - (no comment)

July 4 - Glue ball experiments with Grandma Sylvia.

July 4 - Not exactly happy about getting a ponytail.

July 5 - Aren't there laws against child labor.

July 11 - (Ed. All I can think is Guns and Roses...I don't know why.)

July 14 - On the carousel at the Kansas City Zoo.

July 14 - Walking with Raymond in the Zoo.

July 14 - Trying to smell like a snake.

July 17 - Milking a cow at Shatto Dairy.

July 17 - The sign at Shatto Dairy (Ed. Where we get all the flavored milk).

July 19 - Engrossed in books.

July 24 - Making cookies with Mommy.

July 25 - Blowing bubbles in the backyard.

July 25 - On top of the playset.

July 27 - Playing in the sprinkler.

July 27 - Cute Thelma smile.