May Pictures.

May 1 - Getting around Tyler's yard on his ATV.

May 2 - I always love to play in the water at the kid's museum.

May - Tryimg to feed one of the cows.

May 6 - Messing with Ray in the bath.

May 7 - Watching the sea lions from a great vantage point.

May 7 - Cutest Midge Fly ever!

May 7 - Sharing a camel ride with Mommy.

May 7 - At the Bronx Zoo carousel, I hopped on a Ladybug first....

May 7 - ... and then I tried the Praying mantis.

May 13 - I love a little snack of pudding.

May 28 - Snuggling with Miss Patty and a book on the couch.

May 28 - Working through an ear of corn.