May Pictures.

May 6 - Riding my bike at the KC Speedway.

May 6 - Another shot at the track.

May 7 - Crazy hat after the kids race.

May 12 - With everyone at the Wallula Christian School end of year program.

May 12 - Another shot from the end of school program.

May 18 - Dismissively feeding the little goats.

May 18 - Feeding the big goats.

May 18 - Riding a pedal Tractor at the Deanna Rose Farmstead.

May 18 - Yet another tractor at the farmstead.

May 21 - With my partner at recital practice.

May 21 - Great shot from the ballet recital practice.

May 30 - Eating some turnip greens straight out of Aunt Rita's garden.

May 31 - Checking out the Freedom Rock in Iowa.