Thelma's First Birthday Party Pictures!!!

Thelma had a bunch of her friends over on the Sunday before her first birthday to celebrate. At first, there were kids everywhere, which led to toys everywhere, which ultimately led to food everywhere. It was a great time. Thanks to everyone who took the time to come over and celebrate with us.

The Birthday Girl!!!

Chaos reigned in the Living Room.

One of the little party "games". Little bath duckys and small stuffed animals
were tied to yarn and the kids got to pull them out of the bag.
Thanks for the idea Grandma Sylvia

Where's Thelma?

In case you couldn't find her in the last picture, here's the birthday girl.

Grace enjoying the ducky and stuffed animal she pulled out of the bag.

Meghan sitting with her son, Matt. In the background
is Carolyn and her daughter, Rowan.

Don't you love the birthday crown Mommy knitted for me?

Pat and her son, Ian.

Mmmm, chocolate chip cookies and tortilla chips.
Anything the birthday girl wants.

Karen and her son, William.
William's Dad, Thomas, is the Engineer on my Daddy's submarine.

No birthday is complete until I get the chance to assault the cake.
Daddy forgot to take a picture before we cut it.

Right before bed, Mommy and Daddy let me open some gifts. There was a stacking/counting set...

...and a big box of blocks.

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