Why Thelma Lorraine?

These are Dave and Shala's grandmothers who passed on prior to the other spouse meeting them. Thelma is Dave's paternal grandmother while Lorraine is Shala's maternal grandmother. Neither of us had enough time to learn from these beautiful women, and we saw this as a fitting tribute.

Thelma (Finch) Grogan
Thelma (Finch) Grogan - Wife of Thomas Seth Grogan Jr. - Mother to Thomas Seth III, Theresa, Todd and Timothy - Raised in central North Carolina on a tobacco farm, Grandma Thelma was a long-serving and well-respected high school English teacher in Norwood, Ohio. Besides being an excellent cook, Grandma Thelma is remembered for her quick wit and sage, thoughtful foresight.

Lorraine (Rogers) Hansen
Lorraine (Rogers) Hansen - Wife of Raymond Hansen - Mother to Truman, Randall, Marsha, Sylvia and Jeffrey - Raised in Milwaukee, WI, Grandma Lorraine had a whirlwind romance with Raymond that led her to California and then Iowa where she helped her husband in his bakery in Manson. An artistic woman, renowned for her calligraphy skills, she took pleasure in the simplest things in life, "...even sweeping the floor."

We would like to be able to tell our daughter as much as possible about these two women, so, please, if you have news clippings, photos or memories you are willing to take a minute to write down, please pass them (or copies) along to us.