Shala's Space

Shala spends most of her time taking care of Thelma and Ray,
but, when she has free time, she spends it knitting or cooking.
Shala has knit some pretty impressive things and she gets better with each one.

Shala has also started work on her first quilt. Take a look at the finished panels below.

Iowa State Quilt

Here are some of the hats she has knitted for Thelma...

The first hat...The flower hat is from a design that Dave's parents got for Shala for her 30th Birthday.
It'll probably be a little while before Thelma can wear this one.

The second hat... the striped hat is a design Shala got online...
still it will be a while before Thelma can wear this one.

The third hat...Shala developed her own design for this simple hat. The goal was to work on the sizing of it.
As you can see, it fits Thelma fairly well and should be useful for the rest of the winter.

Shala just finished this pair of pants for Thelma...pretty cool, eh?

These two pairs of pants were made by Shala for other mothers she met online.
Shala has started to build up a nice queue of people who want her pants, capris and shorts.

Here's a slideshow of most of the shorts and pants that Shala has knitted for other moms.







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